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As times change, it seems that a growing number of contractors lose hold of quality and service that they promise their customers. That's where we come in. I like to believe it's in my blood. You see the family started business here in Naples in the late 1930s as a small grocery. As Naples grew, so did the grocery business. The well respected Wynn's Market is where I got my first job for the family and learned my business values. As a teen I left the family business and worked as a carpenter and then moved into flooring. As the family business grew it came to included Sunshine Ace Hardware, Wynn's Catering, Wynne's Properties, Wynn's Realty and as you know, Wynn's Market. As time went on I decided to go into business for myself. Starting off as Touchstone. As the years went by I noticed a need for top quality remodel company in a joint partnership. I joined with New Image Carpentry. Timothy Slaughter of 27 year experience. Now we offer flooring and carpentry with the utmost skill, quality and customer care that is so lacking today.

Many of us were not around in the early 1900s, but that does not mean that same personal attention your grandparents experienced whey thy welcomed workers into their homes.

This all sounds great, but is it true? Just ask your neighbors.


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